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We Sell Used Auto Parts for Less

Our mission is to supply top quality recycled and after-market auto parts “on time and as described.”

QRP Central is a group of auto recyclers, salvage yards, and auto parts shops located throughout Iowa that function as trading partners to provide our customers with affordable, quality, recycled auto-parts. Our member yards join together to provide parts to repair shops, body shops, and insurance companies in Iowa. Buying from a local QRP member yard provides you with time and money savings. Support local and browse our selection of parts today.

We Buy Vehicles & Parts

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Automotive recyclers, such as the QRP member yards, work in the business of buying and selling recycled auto parts. Cars offer up to 90% of recycled materials that can be reused or recovered. QRP Central member yards buy used vehicles and recycle almost every single part of it, which in turn benefits you by putting money back in your pocket.

Using recycled auto parts is great for the environment because it reduces the need for new, manufactured parts. The manufacturing process takes a lot time and resources and auto manufacturing companies produce large amounts of pollution and waste in the environment. Recycling metals and fluids reduces the amount of materials that are thrown into our overfilled landfills. Properly recycling fluids and car oils helps reduce the amount of contamination in our water.

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